The Riverwalk Project

We are pleased to be a part of the Riverwalk project, which will be an elevated walkway built out of a prefabricated beam and plank system by PermaTrak. There are two sections of the walk that will connect at an existing paved path, and the overall project will end at Geitner Park and the 321 bridge. Design will take approximately 2 months and construction is scheduled to begin this Spring with the completion set for the end of the year. “ The link following is an article from the January 9, 2020 edition of Hickory Daily Record.


David E. Looper & Company - Chestnut at Blowing Rock

Adam from the Greer Brothers sends this message with the finished drone video of this project

Graystone Eye

The time-lapse video below shows the recent addition to Graystone Eye in Hickory, North Carolina. The 39,000 SF addition consisted of clinic, procedure rooms and offices to make room for two additional operating rooms.  An ASC renovation is currently underway.

Bell Tower Green

The Bell Tower Green park project of approximately 3.66 acres is underway in Salisbury, North Carolina.  We are excited to be a part of this innovative initiative.  The project involves site, landscape, architectural, and utility improvements for Bell Tower and the surrounding streets of South Church, South Jackson, West Innes, and West Fisher.  The Salisbury Post article gives more detail. 


A new 24,480 SF two-story building in Ladson, South Carolina with finished lobby space on the first and second floors. The shell building was designed with a drive-through canopy taking into consideration its first tenant, the Bank of South Carolina.

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